The Craig Saga Continues

A Minnesota judged ruled Thursday that Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) could not withdraw his guilty plea. Now Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-Mich.) is calling for Craig to step down stating:

“Serving in the United States Congress is one of highest honors in America,” he said. “It is a position of leadership with many demands upon the individual whom voters have elected to represent them, and one of the most important is to exhibit behavior that upholds the dignity of the office. Senator Craig has consistently fallen far short of that standard over the past two months.”


One Response

  1. Genius. Craig knows how to play our ADHD-addled brains. He says he’ll step down, we all think “problem-solved” and then go back to talking about how much blow Britney is doing, and then when the media has found some new scandal, he quietly takes back what he promised to do. He may be a homophobic creep who solicits sex in airport bathrooms, but we’re the ones who just got fucked.

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