Torture UPDATE

Georgie stated

“This government does not torture people.”

Well there you have it. Thanks for clearing that up buddy. Too bad that’s in direct contradiction to what actually happened.

From the article:

“The two Justice Department legal opinions were disclosed in Thursday’s editions of The New York Times, which reported that the first 2005 legal opinion authorized the use of head slaps, freezing temperatures and simulated drownings, known as waterboarding, while interrogating terror suspects, and was issued shortly after then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales took over the Justice Department.”


2 Responses

  1. You didn’t finish that quote:

    “This government does not torture people,” said Bush. “We only tie them down and pour water on their heads until they think they’re slowly and painfully drowning.”

  2. […] talk about the problems with torturing prisoners and a few cases of punishment, but this IS a major problem. We’ll see how far this gets in […]

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