Must Read

Scott recently sent me this article and it is probably the best politically based article I have read in months. It is nice to see a departure from the usual dryness that is associated with current affairs reporting. Something to note from the article; when at a Republican debate last spring and discussing interrogation, Giuliani said he would “use every method they could think of” and Romney stated he would “double Guantanamo,” both statements were made to roaring applause. However, when it was McCain’s turn to speak he stated, “If we torture people, what happens to our military people when they’re captured?” Now that’s when McCain made sense. However, it must be noted that the article focuses on McCain’s subsequent implosion and fall from “maverick” grace caused by his denial about Iraq and his pathetic reasons for staying (“If we don’t get ’em there, they’ll get us here!”). It is pretty well summed up in a few words from the article:

By now there isn’t anyone left “across the aisle” who’d even think about buying this shit


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