Al Franken Appearance at the U of M

Kyle and I just got back from seeing Al Franken speak at the U and I must say I was quite impressed. He seemed more composed than I expected and clearly is competent enough for the job. His response to how being a satirist prepared him for being a Senator? He knows how to find the bullshit.

I spoke to him afterwards about a statement he made regarding Pell Grants. He stated that Pell Grants used to cover over 90% of someone’s education but now that level is below 40% and that we needed to get that number back up. I asked him afterwards how he intended to do that. Franken hesitantly replied that one way was to raise taxes. He added that never have taxes been cut during wartime and that taxes on the upper classes needed to be raised. Also, he stated that Pell Grants could get more funding through prioritizing and that education should be one of the top priorities for our government.


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