How Is She Helping?

Retired Lt. Gen. Claudia Kennedy is in New Hampshire campaigning for Hillary and insists that she has never heard Hillary say she opposes the war

 “I have not ever heard (Clinton) say, ‘I oppose the war.’ I’ve heard her say that we need to begin withdrawal under a plan led by the military and defense secretary. I’ve heard her say we need to create a regional stabilizing group by allies, by leaders in the world and by all of the states that are bordering Iraq. That is a very important idea and the point of that group is to create incentive and assurances that will keep the neighboring countries from becoming involved and entering Iraq. That’s a much more sophisticated thing than saying, ‘I oppose the war.'”


One Response

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t opposing war a good thing? Don’t we NOT want war?

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