Obama Goes Green

Senator Obama proposed a plan today in New Hampshire to cap greenhouse emissions and to make companies pay for their pollution. Barack recommended a “cap and trade” program that would curb emissions by requiring businesses to buy allowances to pollute and thus make it fiscally sound to limit pollution. Also, while refusing to name names (Hillary Clinton) he mentioned other presidential hopefuls who consistently opposed increased mileage standards for vehicles.

Thanks to Scott for this one


2 Responses

  1. Let’s see… So Barry wants to force energy companies to raise prices on poor Americans and use that money for rich people to invest? Not only will his plan fail to curb emissions, it’s downright criminal. It would devestate lower income Americans and force the government ot have to bail them out even more than they already do. Stop falling for the eloquence spew forth by these politicians. They are slick with the words.

  2. Something else that devestates the lower and middle class: billions of dollars of subsidies to oil companies that taxpayers dollars fund, a war based on the protection of our oil supply, and $3.50 gas prices. whoopsie.

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