Democrats pushing wider agenda

It seems as though the War in Iraq isn’t enough for Democrats to hold/expand on majorities in the House and Senate. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, the Senate Majority Leader and Speaker of the House respectively, are now pushing their domestic agenda also. And it seems to be resonating with the American people. I feel the most important quote from this article is:

Meanwhile, a significant majority in a recent Washington Post poll showed that voters trust Democrats more than Republicans on health care by a 2-1 ratio, further illustrating why Democrats are pushing so hard on the children’s health bill. 

The children’s health bill is the recently vetoed program that would expand coverage to poor children. This quote also shows that the majority of Americans are becoming comfortable with the idea of universal healthcare, a drastic leap from the early 90s. A good sign? YES YES YES!!!


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  1. Now I’m just being a dick, but…


    Also, hooray for documentaries?

  2. how did i get to college? also, i suck.

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