Repub Debate

All nine Republican candidates for President met in Michigan today to debate economic issues. 

Fred Thompson made his debate debut. When talking about government spending he started out nicely: The government “is spending money of future generations and those yet to be born,” Thompson said before saying that future retirees should recieve a cut in Social Security benefits. Maybe the Iraq War has something to do with spending money of future generations? (press more to read on)

Of course, with it being a Republican debate, there was a tax-cut-off. Rudy Giuliani said he cut taxes 23 times as Mayor of New York, and Mitt Romney boasted he used a line item veto as Massachusetts Governor a massive 844 times to reduce spending. Mr. Romney gets the square.

John McCain dropped this bomb: President Bush was right to veto the bill that would grant health coverage to poor children. Thanks John. Little Mary thanks you.

All but the Libertarian leaning Ron Paul reiterated their support for continuing the U.S. troop presence in Iraq.

Mike Huckabee, who in previous debates has drawn laughs from me while supporting creationism, made me a little happier with this quote:

“I want to make sure people understand that for many people on this stage the economy’s doing terrifically well, but for a lot of Americans it’s not doing so well. The people who handle the bags and make the beds at our hotels and serve the food, many of them are having to work two jobs.”

After years of Republicans supporting the outsourcing of jobs, Duncan Hunter, a Congressman from California, said he would support a bill that brings back jobs to the U.S.

When talking about energy independence, Giuliani stressed the importance for alternative energies, but then promoted nuclear energy, which is not cost effective, and leaves us with toxic waste for thousands of years.

Here are some good links to learn more about the debate:

annnnnd hur.


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