Media Ignores Ron Paul

Ron Paul won several polls on who won the recent GOP debates in Michigan. While many of these could be attributed to multiple votes, he also won many polls that only allowed one vote per IP address. He also only finsihed behind Mitt Romney by 1 percent in a text message poll. None of this was acknowledged by any of the major news outlets. Ron Paul raised more than John McCain in the third quarter and still gets quaint amounts of press. Those of you who are going to vote for a conservative candidate should start paying attention to the Republican Representative from Texas. He voted against the Iraq War Resolution and the Patriot Act and supports the separation of church and state. At the same time he supports a bunch of conservative ideals that I don’t agree with such as gun rights and making abortion illegal. However, I think all of our right-leaning readers so give this guy the chance he deserves.


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  1. haha..thanks for the input admin for ronpaulforpresident2008. And yes, I get to see what e-mail you put in :]

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