Bush is a fearmonger? Nah…

Bush implied that World War III is coming if Iran obtains nuclear weapons.

Sound like before we invaded Iraq?


One Response

  1. This is a really smart move on the part of the Bush Administration. Of course Bush knows that he’ll never get to attack Iran. We’re spread too thin in Iraq and Congress would never allow him to do it. However, by portraying Iran as a threat, he can help his Republican party get elected next year by exposing the weakness and hypocrisy in the Democratic Party over Iran.

    Democrats can’t seem light on terror, but they can’t seem like they’ll do too much. They can’t promise attacks or diplomacy without angering people. Hell, Obama got raked over the coals for saying he’d use diplomacy with Iran. This is Bush’s alley-oop for people like Rudy and Mitt to slam dunk with their consistently tough stances on terrorism.

    Fear-mongering is a slimy move as an elected leader, but as far as political moves go, this is genius.

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