Today, the override of the President’s veto of the bill to give 10 million poor children health insurance failed. It fell only 13 votes short of the 290 votes needed.

It’s insane that we can spend almost 2 billion dollars A WEEK on the War in Iraq, but we can’t spend 7 billion dollars a year on poor children’s health insurance. Priorities straight? Doubt it.


6 Responses

  1. Yeah apparently they are PO’d because a lot of the money would go to middle class kids and they don’t want to start socializing medicine.

  2. they can s my d

  3. So because neither side was willing to make a compromise for the other, NOBODY gets health insurance now. Poor kids. It isn’t their fault our government is full of stubborn blowhards that only care about “winning,” regardless of how many kids have to die as a result. Both sides are at fault here. The only innocent party here are the kids who won’t get the medical attention they need.

  4. ^

  5. i dunno. this is one thing i am glad the dems didnt compromise their values on.

  6. Yeah, totally better to not compromise your values and have 8 million kids that could have had health insurance go uninsured instead.

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