Ignore It and It’ll Go Away: Student Immigration Bill Fails in Senate


Remember that nasty ol’ immigration issue?  It isn’t that big of a deal, right?  I mean, there are currently only 12 million illegal immigrants in the country (who make up only 5% of the work force).  Well, luckily the people who we have elected to represent our best interests and run this country have decided to continue to ignore it as well!

A bill that would grant legal status to illegal immigrants who have graduated from high school and are planning to enroll in college or the military for at least two years, was defeated in a test vote in the Senate on Wednesday.

Conservative Republicans voted against the bill on the same ground that they opposed the legislation in June, maintaining that it rewarded immigrant lawbreakers. But negative votes also came from Republicans and some Democrats who were reluctant to reopen the bitterly divisive debate over immigration for what they called a narrow piece of legislation.

So because we don’t want to reward immigrant lawbreakers, we should refuse to reward their children who probably had no say in whether or not they immigrated with their family?  Aren’t successful high school graduates who are planning to attend college or join the military exactly the kind of people we want in this country?  Oh well, I’m glad that they shot this issue down because of their relucance to “reopen a divisive debate.”  I agree that it’s definitely a much smarter idea to just ignore the problem.

Maybe it’ll go away.

Bill for Immigrant Students Fails Test Vote in Senate – [New York Times]


5 Responses

  1. “reluctant to reopen the bitterly divisive debate over immigration”. Well if they are not going to debate it, who is?

    btw, nice blog guys, i try to read it as often as possible

  2. why thank you :]

  3. I can understand the conservatives point of view, giving the lawbreakers what they want is not exactly the most desirable thing in the world to do. But they are here and they are obviously a part of our economy, so make the ones here already citizens if they are an active part of the workforce, and start cracking down on future immigration. And by that I do not mean a huge concrete wall…

  4. With the DREAM Act… our NATION and Americans are once again being betrayed by corrupt and deceitful Senators, who have sold their greedy souls to racist organizations such as LA RAZA, whose motto is “For The Race everything. Outside The Race, nothing” or to big business. Besides AMNESTY for millions, the DREAM Act is unacceptable because the numerous rewards for the children of ILLEGAL ALIENS are detrimental to AMERICA’S CHILDREN, irregardless of how many times unethical Durbin changes it. I’m a newly registered Independent, that refuses to continue to support a party that rewards illegal aliens. For most middle and working class families, paying for college is one of the biggest concerns. A slot at a state university, where tuition is heavily subsidized, is for many families the best, if not the only, viable option. These limited seats at public universities and colleges are becoming ever more highly prized and admission is often as competitive as it is to Ivy League schools. Thus, with the admissions of newly legalized DREAM Act beneficiaries to state universities…AMERICAN CHILDREN that should be in these seats, will NOT BE ALLOWED TO RECEIVE AN EDUCATION, or they will be put at a SEVERE DISADVANTAGE in that state. AMERICAN CHILDREN who have worked just as hard, have just as many admirable goals and dreams, and whose family didn’t break the law.”

  5. Uh, they aren’t proposing affirmative action here. If “AMERICAN CHILDREN who have worked just as hard” really have worked as hard, they have an equal or, as several studies have shown as a result of their white sounding names, better chance of being admitted. The only spots these kids would be taking, are those of people less deserving then they are (which is what our capitalist nation, and affirmative action opponents, so strongly believe in). Sounds like you believe in affirmative action: less deserving Americans should be given preferential treatment over smarter and hard working aliens. Are you an advocate of affirmative action, because that would be cool. But by the sounds of things, I’m guessing you’re a bigoted community college drop-out with a chip off his shoulder looking for someone to blame.

    You see, you hold the fact that their family broke the law against them. But you already said yourself that it was their family that broke the law, and the last time I checked, our justice system does not punish you for the crimes of your family members. If a father commits a murder, the son isn’t put in jail. Why should we punish these hardworking kids for a mistake that they weren’t responsible for? If anything about this is unfair, it’s that.

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