Because Environmentalism is Bad for Our Children

Many east coast schools are implementing “green” policies–not just to do their part in cutting back on unnecessary waste and energy use, but also to educate the kids in the schools. They are, after all, the ones who get to deal with the failing environment in the future.


Everything from “No Idling” zones where parents pick up kids, to compost piles, switching lightbulbs, and banning pesticides are being implemented in many (mostly private) schools.

Seems nice enough. So why the protesting?

Apparently, by allowing students to get involved with these environmental issues during class time is “a waste of taxpayers’ money and a distraction for schools,” according to administrators.

So teaching kids skills that these administrators obviously don’t have themselves is taking away from cramming for the ACT and making students take as many AP classes as possible.

“The ‘ed biz’ is known for faddish endeavors,” said Jerry Cantrell, president of the New Jersey Taxpayers Association. “They pick up on some new philosophy, and it seems cool and popular, and I would throw being green in with that.”

Shame on schools for wasting money on such “fads.” Lucky for Cantrell, he won’t be around when the rest of the ice caps have melted.

Schools Embrace Environment and Sow Debate – [New York Times]


One Response

  1. Hahaha, the “ed biz?” The only “faddish endeavor” I see is his language.

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