Rock for Darfur

On November 10th over 37 bands will be donating the proceeds from their already scheduled dates that night for Rock for Darfur. The money will go to Oxfam International and the Save Darfur Coalition which directly assist those affected by the humanitarian crisis in Darfur. If you’re not informed on the issue I suggest you educate yourself. Over 200,000 people (400,000 when you include disease, starvation, etc. resulting from the conflict) have died as a result of the ethnic cleansing and 2.5 million have been displaced. Even worse, this is all sponsored by the government which means and end to this catastrophe isn’t as easy as it might appear. If you cannot make it to one of the shows on the 10th (or even if you can) I suggest you head over to the Save Darfur Coalition’s website and pick up one of their snazzy shirts for only $10.


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