Britian Scolds Giuliani About Ad

“9 out of every 11 British citizens with cancer die under their state health care system, or simply, 9/11”

Well, I don’t know how it actually went, but apparently Britain is a little peeved about a recent Rudy Giuliani campaign ad that demeaned Britain’s socialized health care system by using allegedly false figures. Apparently the figures, on survival rates of people with cancer, were obtained from a magazine article. They stated that the survival rate in Britain under universal health care was barely half that of the survival rate in the U.S. However, they are apparently nearly the same. This is concerning seeing as we are already seeing false ads this early on, what will happen when the candidates start running negative ads against other presidential hopefuls?

Britain complains about Giuliani health care ad – [Reuters]


One Response

  1. Great, just what our government needs: more liars. I’m stick of politicians getting away with creating their own “truth” and marketing it to the public. Even if they get caught, like Rudy did, not all the people who first heard the lies will probably hear about it. It’s still a net shift in his favor.

    On a lighter note, I really like your picture selection for Rudy.

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