NBC Going Green

So I’m watching the Cowboys-Eagles game (and yes the Cowboys are winning) and the half time show is being done with no house lights. There are currently candles on the news desk and you can barely make out the broadcaster’s faces for NBC Green Is Universal initiative. They also just promised to power down the studio for the rest of the season whenever they are not on air. Learn more about NBC’s green initiatives below (including “Green Tips”)


I think it’s pretty impressive and not to mention hopeful that such a large media corporation is promoting environmentalism. I will try to provide any more updates on this throughout the week.

EDIT: Matt Lauer is reporting in live from somewhere in the Arctic and talking about global warming etc.


5 Responses

  1. Just think about all the energy used to light that field during the game as opposed to playing the game during daylight hours. All the fertilizer and water needed to keep Lincoln Financial Field “green,” and all the jet fuel required to fly the Today show cast and crew to the far ends of the earth.

    Sounds like a real “green” initiative to me.

  2. To be fair, it’s at least a start. A huge corporation like NBC even recognizing that we must actively strive for better treatment of our environment is a step forward in awareness. We can complain about how they aren’t shutting down the station entirely because it takes energy to even watch television in the first place, or we can recognize them for a healthy step in the right direction.

  3. ^
    my thoughts exactly

  4. A few words come to mind now that we’ve seen a few evenings’ worth of these “green” moments: Pretentious, preachy, and phoney.

  5. people really hate when nbc goes green man.

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