Prison Break

Prisoners at Guantanamo may be moved to U.S. soil, likely forcing better treatment for the detainees. Moving war criminals to the United States could allow the courts to grant greater legal status and monitor activity better.

One current plan includes giving prisoners legal representation at detention hearings and allowing federal judges instead of military personnel to determine imprisonment.

The leaning towards shutting down the prison is a dramatic shift from the administration’s adamant position against legal rights for prisoners in the past.

The administration has insisted for more than five years that a legal pillar of the war on terror is that the military alone has the power to decide which foreign terrorism suspects should be held and for how long, and backing away from that would be a sharp change of course.

This, however, is the major debate in Washington. Do we want to maintain a prison at Guantanamo that everyone knows is mistreating its inmates, or ship some of the so-called “most dangerous criminals” to the U.S. and give them more legal representation?

New Detainee Rights Weighed in Plans to Close Guantanamo – [New York Times]


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