Progress is Progress: Clinton Loses Ground

While still in the lead, CNN reports Hillary has slipped in the polls since last month.

But Clinton’s path to the White House is in no way certain. Clinton was criticized for her performance during a debate last week, and her rivals for the Democratic nomination have stepped up attacks that she has equivocated on her position on Iraq, Iran and other major issues.

The Republican presidential candidates have also stepped up their attacks on the Democratic front-runner, with each suggesting that he has the best chance of stopping Clinton.

The attacks may be working. The CNN/Opinion Research polls suggests that Clinton’s support has slipped from its height one month ago.

Remember kids, it’s only inevitable if we think it is. There’s still plenty of time in the race, so don’t let your pessimism let Hillary receive the nomination unopposed. It’s no secret that part of Hillary’s success is due to this sense of inevitability. We can take this away from her by remembering that we still have two long months before Iowa decides. It’s anybody’s game.

Except yours, Mike Gravel.

A year from Election Day, Clinton remains the person to beat – []


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