Children, Please: Republicans Vote to Keep Cheney Impeachment Resolution Alive

Presidential candidate with no hope but a super hot wife, Dennis Kucinich, sponsored an impeachment resolution today to remove Vice President Dick Cheney from office for misleading the public about “weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and ties between al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein’s regime, as well as making threats against Iran.”

Not a bad idea. I definitely think that Cheney has done more than enough to warrant being fired. However, Kucinich has to be smart enough to know that Congress would never actually go through with this. His motivation is almost assuredly to draw more attention to himself. Think of it as creative marketing on his part.

However, after House Majority Leader, Steny Hoyer, predictably motioned to table the resolution, House Republicans voted overwhelming against tabling it in an attempt to force a debate on the resolution to the House floor. Hoyer then decided to send the debate to a judiciary committee instead of the House floor. The resulting vote of 218 to 194 was largely along party lines to refer the matter to committee and not debate it on the House floor.

You still following? I know things can get complicated in bizzaro world. House Republicans vote to keep debate about impeaching Cheney alive. It’d almost bring a tear to my eye if they weren’t doing it just to be dicks and try to make the Democrats look bad. Admittedly the Democrats deserve it for pulling such a boneheaded publicity move, but I’d much rather have my government acting like adults. I have to agree with Hoyer on this (besides the part about the dignity of the institution lol):

“I am surprised that Republicans would treat an issue as important as the potential impeachment of a vice president of the United States as a petty political game,” he said. “It is beneath the dignity of this institution.”

Although, if I was on the Democrat side of things, I would be looking forward to this debate. There is more than enough ammunition over the past seven years to use against Cheney. There’s no chance of him being impeached, but maybe this forced debate will drag him through the mud a little.

Republicans seek debate on Cheney impeachment – [Market Watch]


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