Moving Up in the Ranks

Just when you thought everything was going downhill, President Bush has reached a new high!

A recent Gallup Poll showed that 50% of Americans “Strongly Disapprove” of Bush’s job as President – winning the title for highest percentage in history!  He had large shoes to fill with this new record, as President Nixon held the title at 48% right before his impeachment hearing in 1974.

As usual, however, don’t put too much stock in these results, although they do show a trend moving against Bush’s policies. The poll was of only 1,024 American adults. Uncertain about the reliability of one of the millions of polls you read about daily? Here are some tips for making sure the results are valid and reasonable. 

Poll Finds Americans Split on Taking Military Action in Iran – [USA Today]


One Response

  1. Actually interviewing more than 1,000 in a survey makes it extremely accurate. Accuracy of polls do not increase when you start interviewing more than 1,000 respondents.

    So I would put a lot of stock in these results.

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