House Passes Job Bias Ban Against Gays

Today the House passed a bill 235-184 banning job discrimination against gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transsexuals. However, 235 is not enough votes to override a promised Presidential veto.

The bill states that decisions cannot be made regarding hiring, firing, promotions, or payment based on sexual orientation. I guess that’s something George W. Bush and 184 other Congresspeople can’t get behind.

Those in the GLBT community are already second class citizens in this country; their relationships are not recognized by the government. Even steps in the right direction, such as civil unions, create a separate institution for gays and lesbians. As our past has shown, separate institutions are never equal. Even the progressive wing of the country does not support full inclusion of the GLBT community in our country; no mainstream Democratic candidate supports gay marriage.

However, I am getting too far ahead of myself, we cannot even ensure equal treatment under law for the GLBT community. I hope I am not the only one who can see that a portion of our population is being denied the rights to life, liberty, and especially the pursuit of happiness.


5 Responses

  1. this is so horrible, when will people realize that this is no better than racism? although…these people probably are racist too so..

  2. My thoughts exactly Curt.

    “Republicans, meanwhile, said the bill could undermine the rights of people who oppose homosexuality for religious reasons and lead to an onslaught of dubious discrimination lawsuits.”

    I’m glad these people weren’t around sixty years ago. They’d probably be saying that we should have equality opportunity employment for black people because it infringes on the rights of racists.

    God dammit.

  3. I would like the name and phone number of all 184 Congressmen who voted against this bill. They need a whack over the head and some common sense to see that this is not about political lines and maintaining the party status quo. It’s about the most basic rights one can have.

  4. i am curious about what everyone thinks here about civil unions… please tell!!

  5. Lame. Not calling it marriage is like putting an asterisk on it. They deserve exactly the same rights heterosexuals have. However, if given the choice between civil unions or nothing at all, I would have to say that civil unions are obviously better. Still, in my opinion, there is not legitimate reason for not calling it marriage.

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