Protesting is More Dangerous Than We Thought

Students and parents in a suburban Chicago school district are battling with administrators over penalties for a student anti-war demonstration that took place on November 1. The district is moving to expel only some of the students who participated in a peaceful protest in the school cafeteria–namely those who have lower GPAs than others.

Rather than receiving detention or a two-day suspension, students are getting anything from a five-day suspension to the possibility of expulsion for skipping class one day for the protest.  An honor student was given a five-day suspension, while average students are facing much harsher penalties for the same act.

There are so many issues in this one story:

Since when can schools base non-academic related discipline on academic standing?

When has skipping class to sit in the cafeteria resulted in expulsion from school? These are 16-year-old kids singing Kumbaya, not disturbed protesters at a soldier’s funeral.

Just watch the school board get away with this…

Said a disabled Gulf War veteran in response:

“These kids should receive extra credit for speaking up, not expulsion.”

Sure they broke a school rule by skipping class and should be appropriately punished, but at least some people have their civic priorities ahead of AP English.

Parents, Activists Rip School Board – [Chicago Tribune]


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  1. Nothing is more important than AP English. NOTHING!

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