We All Make Mistakes: Musharraf Schedules Elections

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, pictured above stealing puppies while the owner looks away, announced Thursday that elections will be held before February 15th. However, outside of announcing the least romantic Valentine’s Day present ever, Musharraf refused to detail when he was planning on stepping down as chief of Pakistan’s army.

When asked about stepping down as army chief after today’s announcement, Musharraf repeated the presiding judge’s order not to announce the election results, and said that he would remove his uniform and take oath of office when the Supreme Court came to its decision. Never mind that a new Supreme Court has been hastily cobbled together from a gallery of judges willing to sign what amounts to an oath of allegiance to the government, while more than half of the original court languish under house arrest.

Time has a great piece that clearly presents Musharraf’s rise to power. It’s recommended reading for anybody who, like me and most likely the entire nation of Pakistan, aren’t satisfied with today’s concessions.

Pakistan’s Lesson in Democracy – [Time]


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