Will Someone Please Define “Torture”?

Rudy Giuliani (above, giving the thumbs up for torture?) recently made this statement:

Those of us who believe that we have to remain a country that has the Patriot Act, a country that has electronic surveillance to use to find out about these plots that may be being planned, a country that does use, not torture — America should never use torture — but we have to use aggressive questioning to get information from people.

What does that mean? It sounds like he is echoing baby Bush who has repeatedly said “The U.S. does not torture” and then allows waterboarding to occur. To me, “aggressive questioning” is just torture by another name. As The Bard says:

That which we call torture
By any other name would smell as slimy

Hopefully Giuliani will clear this up for us.

Giuliani mocks Democrats on foreign policy – [CNN]


3 Responses

  1. Time to be pedantic. You can’t smell slime. You could feel it though. If you want to smell something might I suggest using such words as “garbage” or “offal?”

  2. I really don’t understand Giuliani’s supposed widespread support, I mean he has not one but two ex-wives that hate him, nobody respects his new twenty-something wife (ex-wife #3 wating to happen), his own kids will probably be in commercials bashing him, I mean this guy makes Bill Clinton look like a saint. It’s only a matter of time before the dems zero in on him and show the world the real Giuliani.

  3. Giuliani brags about being a ‘Realist.’ Since when did this become a good thing? Realism is what sent us into wars and conflicts constantly for the past fifty years. This is like Machiavelli bragging about thinking that the “Ends justify the means.” Or perhaps Nietzsche thinking “Might is Right.” Or before both of these when Thrasymachus thought that justice is the advantage of the stronger. What a shame if people actually think like this and think that it is noble to tell people about it.

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