McCain Done?

John McCain (seen above coming home with his tail between his legs) recently had to take out a loan for $3 million in order to cover campaign expenses and avoid going bankrupt. It has been a sad sight to watch McCain flail around as the country’s former beloved”maverick” while traveling to the country’s numerous VFWs proclaiming his support for the Iraq War. He is currently in the single digits in some polls and I haven’t read anything about anyone being excited about the campaign for months. I don’t even know if anyone would take him on as a VP anymore, he just seems like he would be dead weight. So please Johnny, throw in the towel and go play shuffleboard in Arizona, your presidential dreams were gone long before the money was.

McCain Campaign To Take Out $3M Loan – [CBS News]


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  1. i enjoy how our top post is a little dated.

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