Another Example of Republican Fear Mongering? Uh huh.

Tom Tancredo, the Republican Presidential candidate from Colorado, rolled out his new television add in Iowa recently. It depicts a man in a hooded sweatshirt dropping a backpack off in a crowded mall with a clock ticking in the background. The narrator describes how other than people “taking our jobs,” leaving the borders open allows “Islamic terrorists” to currently roam free in our country. He then warns that a terrorist attack is imminent and will happen, just as it did in Spain, Russia, and England.

His campaign manager dismisses criticism that this ad may be playing the fear card.

Tom Tancredo is the same man who said that bombing Islamic holy sites would be a good deterrent to prevent attacks on the United States. Does that sound like he wants to inflict terror among populations in the middle east? I don’t think the best way to defeat terrorists is to become terrorists.

**UPDATE**Anyone who saw this post before 1:45am on Wednesday morning saw I accidentally wrote that Tancredo was from Kansas. As I have updated above, he is from Colorado.


3 Responses

  1. Hahahaha.

    “His campaign manager dismisses criticism that this ad may be playing the fear card.”


    The only thing more ridiculous than that statement is Tancredo’s viability as a candidate.


  2. hey, thanks for putting up the video.

    i need to figure out how to do stuff like that.. computers are hard.

    i agree, how can you deny you’re playing the fear card?? Islamic terrorists are “roam[ing] free”???

    omg tom. omg.

  3. Sometimes fear is justified, as in the fear most white people have of living in a neighborhood with too many minorities. Minorities commit more crimes and this is well documented.

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