Racial Income Gap Grows

A study reported today in the St. Paul Pioneer Press (page 3A if anyone reads the newspaper anymore) states that the income gap between whites and blacks has grown in the last 30 years. Illustrated in a nice graph unavailable on the internet link, is about a $3,500 drop in wages for African Americans males (when wages are adjusted for inflation) while income for white males remained relatively stagnant.

White and black women both have made incredible gains. However, white females have shown significantly more upward mobility than have their black counterparts. White females have increased their median income about five and a half times since 1974, while black females have increased their income by about 40%.

Obviously great gains have been made for women since 1974, but this data shows clearly that the strides made for the African American community since the days of Jim Crow and segregation are still lacking in contemporary American society. More efforts need to be made in the areas of school improvement in the inner cities, and dare I say affirmative actions measures, especially in the education arena, need to be made to ensure that this gap closes in the future.


8 Responses

  1. More efforts need to be made in the areas of school improvement and affirmative action? Wow, that was a very vague and idealistic statement. Maybe you should incorporate more factors into your childish analysis. Such as…..

    Environmental factors, such as nutrition, have been shown to influence IQ in children. Other environmental factors include: education level, richness of the early home environment, the existence of caste-like minorities, socio-economic factors, culture, pidgin language barriers, quality of education, health, racism, LACK OF POSITIVE ROLE MODELS, exposure to violence, the Flynn effect, sociobiological differences and stereotype threat.

    But I’m sure you’re right, more funding in inner-city schools will change everything. Good.

  2. i’m sorry i didn’t write a volume on how to solve the issues of race in America. i guess i’ll get to work on that!!!

    Thank you so much!! I bet everything you wrote above was all there is to know!!

    I really appreciate you solving this problem!! wowzers wowzers!!

    Obviously i’ve been educated in all of the examples you’ve listed, so i would be confident in writing about them. Silly me. Why didn’t I?? I’m so stupid.

    Thanks again for pointing out the errors in my logic. I’m glad you’re not an asshole.

  3. For those in the reader base that do not wish to read the story and comments due to their length, I will provide a brief summary:

    “hurf durf look at me I have opinions and a blog”

    “ergh I disagree with you!”

  4. Whats the point of bringing an issue forth if you have no realistic solutions? I believe we call that mindless bitching. Also, you are supporting the brilliant notion that throwing money at a problem is effective. Not to mention that, as an African American, I resent that you stated how “inner-city” schools need more funding in order to lessen the disparity in income. You do know that we exist outside of the ghetto, right? It is funny how subtly racist your comments have been. A) We only exist in the inner-city. B) Us poor black people can’t help ourselves. We need you strong, intelligent, and wealthy white people to lift us from our terrible ignorance. C) Affirmative Action? We know you think we’re stupid, but we don’t want your help.
    But I have to head back to the inner-city, you know, crack needs to be sold.

  5. ouch. you got me there.

    but i don’t believe my support for affirmative action is because i believe you’re stupid.

    I personally believe that it is necessary because of the past enslavement and Jim Crow system. I also believe that the discrimination and prejudice continues today and this is evident in African American graduation rates and the income disparities.

    I am truly sorry that i offended you, but i will continue to support affirmative action measures.

  6. i hope we can be BFFs from now on.

  7. Wow, S.I.L. Talk about “bringing an issue forth if you have no realistic solutions” and “mindless bitching.” Your middle paragraph in your first post was so redundant and irrelevant that I Googled it and found that you had just plagiarized it from a scholarly source. Oh, wait, it was Wikipedia. If you are trying to represent yourself and present black Americans as not in need of educational help, you are doing a terrible job.

    If you don’t believe in affirmative action, fine. That’s a semi-valid policy position. But speak for yourself, because when you say “we don’t want your help,” you’re wrong. The NAACP and a vast majority of black Americans DO believe in affirmative action (http://www.naacp.org/advocacy/civic/aa_talking_points/index.html). (Did you see how I cited that source? How I didn’t plagiarize and made an intelligent argument? I must be a product of a well-funded, predominantly white, suburban school or something.) Just drive around the inner-city and look at the yellow-and-blue bumper stickers with the “=” on them and then try to tell me “we don’t want your help.”

    As for the assumption that black people only live in the inner city, Kyle insinuated no such thing. But if you do want to know the rough breakdown of inner-city population, it’s 73 percent African American, 20 percent Latino, and 7 percent Caucasian (http://www.blackhealthcare.com/BHC/Asthma/Description.asp). So, since these are poorer areas with inferior education systems (and of course other factors; do you assume everyone around you is even less informed than yourself?), it brings the averages down for blacks and Latinos in every category of the Human Development Index. Since you felt comfortable posting all that stuff straight from Wikipedia, I’ll assume you know what the HDI is, and I won’t post a link to some page for that, just to make sure that I don’t insult your intelligence, since that’s obviously so inappropriate here.

    Yes, I’m white. So I am theoretically not as familiar with the black experience as you; I’ve never seen that look on someone’s face when they see you’re black and they become uncomfortable because they’re racist, or feel guilty, or both. But in my African American studies classes, and my Spike Lee film class, all the black people disagree with you. And so do I. I worked in the St. Louis inner city this summer, and the quality of life is terrible. And the place is virtually all black. The public schools are so bad that the state recently had to take them over. The way that public schools are funded in Missouri, and in most states, is racist and classist, and I can’t believe you don’t think it needs to be addressed. What planet do you live on?

    Oh, wait. Racism doesn’t exist anymore. Never mind. Just click on my name to see how black people don’t need any help right now.

    Just so you know, while I probably have subconscious racism hardwired in my brain because I’m a white American, I’m going to do everything in my power to improve the black condition in the United States. As a policymaker, I will support affirmative action, whether you want it or not, because it is necessary and it is the right thing to do.



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