Ron Paul Jumps in New Hampshire

The most recent CNN poll, conducted November 11-14, shows Ron Paul jumping ahead of both Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee in New Hampshire. Ranked as favorite by 8% of respondents, he is currently 4th favorite in the Granite State, trailing Rudy Giuliani at 16%, John McCain at 18%, and Mitt Romney at 33%.

This follows Paul’s record fundraising day of November 5th when he pulled in more than $4 million, largely through internet contributions.

Also of interest, the oft labeled lazy candidate Thompson dropped from 13% in September to 4% in this poll. The momentum that has pulled Huckabee into the top tier of candidates in Iowa does not seemed to have carried over to New Hampshire, where he ended up with just 5% of respondents rating him as their top pick.


4 Responses

  1. Shit. What’s with this recent Romney surge?

  2. Folks, you want a real candidate that will bring about real change? You want Hillary Clinton. The horse race among republicans in NH doesn’t mean much when you know Hillary is going to be the clear winner anyway.

  3. Well, the Chuck Norris ads haven’t aired in New Hampshire yet. I predict a double digit increase for Huckabee when they do.

  4. yeah, i didnt take that into account. my bad.

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