Is Clinton Electable?

In the latest Zogby Interactive poll, Hillary Clinton trails Republican opponents Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, Fred Thompson, and John McCain in hypothetical head to head match ups. In July she was leading all the candidates, and led Romney by 10 percentage points.

Young voters and independents are less likely to support Clinton, and instead gravitate towards Barack Obama or John Edwards. Edwards and Obama lead all Republicans in the hypothetical match ups.

Clinton’s drop in support comes after shaky debates, confusing and contradictory policy positions, and ramped up attacks from her Democratic opponents.

As she seemingly is losing support in a general election, her leads for the Democratic nomination in key states are diminishing, as in New Hampshire, or disappearing, as in Iowa.

Even the leads held by Obama and Edwards are slim. This seems to show that even with all the dissatisfaction with the current administration, the upcoming Presidential election will be very competitive. The rationale behind this flies over my head.

These results seem to show that a ticket led by Edwards or Obama is more appealing to the general electorate than a ticket led by Clinton, a view put forward by the members of this website.


One Response

  1. Ha. You beat me to it. I was just going to post this story. Although this is bad news for the democratic party, I still think it’s good news in my book. Hopefully this will allow democrat voters to see that maybe Hillary Clinton really isn’t the best presidential candidate for their party.

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