At Least He Has One: Hillary Criticizes Obama’s Health Care Plan

Hillary (pictured abo- oh wait, that’s a kitty! Kitty!) must be getting more than a little worried, because her constant mudslinging towards Obama is starting to become even more outrageous. The most recent example is Hillary’s latest comments about Obama’s health care plan.

Obama’s health care plan is to make health care more affordable so that everybody can have it. However, this doesn’t necessary insure that everybody will have it. Like a shark attracted to blood in the water, Hillary, despite not having a concrete plan of her own, seized the opportunity to attack Obama’s plan, even going as far as implying that his plan sides him with the Republicans.

”If anything, Democrats should stand for universal health care. That distinguishes us from the Republicans. The Republicans don’t believe in it. Democrats do and we should fight for it,” she said.

So what’s Hillary’s great plan for “universal” health care for every citizen? She’d have a mandate that forces Americans to buy insurance. John Edwards commented on Hillary’s “plan”:

”It is just as bad to say that everyone will have insurance without a plan to get there. Hillary Clinton says her plan will cover everyone through a ‘mandate’ but does not provide even the most rudimentary idea much less a detailed plan of how this ‘mandate’ would work.”

Predictably, Obama also doesn’t agree with Hillary’s mandate.

“Senator Clinton is arguing that the only way to get every American covered is if you force every American to buy health care. And unfortunately she hasn’t told anybody how she would enforce this mandate,” the Illinois senator said.

I remember a certain governor who also forced all of his citizens to buy health care. His name was Mitt Romney, and he fined everybody who didn’t buy health insurance in his state. With such a similar “plan”, it’s ironic that Hillary is comparing Obama to Republicans rather than comparing herself. But hey, I’m sure when Hillary decides to stop insulting others while making empty promises and comes up with a real plan of her own, it’ll be real good.

Clinton and Obama trade shots over health care – []

Clinton Raps Obama on Health Insurance – [New York Times]


2 Responses

  1. Wow, she’s such a true Democrat, huh? Especially with her anti-death penalty policies. Oh wait. She’s for the death penalty.

    That’s not my idea of a true Democrat.

  2. My thinking is Democrats are starting to debate the logic of a Clinton Presidency and it’s good:

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