Huckabee Catching Up In Iowa, For Jesus

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (seen above listing the number of opinions he will take into account when going to war on his hand and then subtracting four) is nearly level with Mitt Romney in Iowa. With his Chuck Norris ads now airing I wouldn’t bet against him. I mean, who could vote against Walker, Texas Ranger!? However, a recent quote from Huckabee absolutely terrifies me. In regards to the influence his faith has on political decisions:

In essence, I can say that I have one client I have to please.

Now this is nothing new for Republicans, but saying it that boldly is a little much for me. Separation of church and state? No? Ok, just making sure. If I’m not mistaken, his client should be his constituents and NOT his god because, you know, they are the ones who have to go to war if he so decides, not God.

Big Gains for Huckabee in Iowa – [The Caucus – NYTimes Blog]
Faith and politics mix easily for Huckabee – [CNN]


One Response

  1. Haven’t you ever heard of a Holy War before? God is always going to war, because He is always on our side!

    Still, this IS troubling. I actually kind of liked Huckabee until this comment. I guess it’s back to supporting Ron Paul.

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