Ron Paul Raking it in

Ron Paul is on pace to raise more money in the fourth and final quarter of the presidential primary season than the top Republican fund raiser did in the third quarter. So far he has raised 9.75 million.

However it seems that his surprising surge has has come too late to have a definitive effect on the Republican parties nominee. And actually, Mitt Romney will most likely make a generous donation to his own campaign, taking the title away from Congressman Paul.

Paul is not the first populist Republican to shake things up. His messages are much more positive than the anti-gay platform Pat Buchanan ran on in 1992.  He also stands in sharp contrast than the eternally pro-war candidate John McCain, who shook up the campaign with a New Hampshire victory in 2000.

Two factors make Paul’s improbable run unique. His stellar ability to raise money via the internet, and the lack of a clear front runner to silence him.

It seems Paul has two options: continue with his impossible quest for the nomination, or use his millions in contributions to knock down a front runner, or boost a candidate to the top.

With the “stay the course” attitude that every single one of the candidates have adopted, I’d say Paul is going to stay the course in his Presidential run. Finally, a course that deserves continuing.


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