Clinton/Giuliani Slipping

We’re getting closer and closer to those first votes being cast in the Presidential race in Iowa. With one month to go, the candidates who in the past have been called the front runners or the “inevitable” nominees are falling behind in the early state of Iowa.

The latest polls show Mike Huckabee surging in front of Mitt Romney, and Barack Obama maintaining a slim lead over Hillary Clinton. Huckabee has benefited from great performances at recent debates and support from the Iowan evangelical community, while Obama’s success has arguably come from Clinton’s recent ball of blunders. These include planted questions at rallies and poor debate performances. Obama seems only ready to make further gains as Oprah Winfrey will be joining him on the campaign trail soon in Iowa and New Hampshire, where he has also made jumped in the polls.

Clinton in turn has begun to ramp up her attacks on Obama, questioning his policies, honesty, and experience.

Giuliani, the national front runner of the Republican Party has also seen some recent set backs. While having an affair during his term as mayor, he has been accused of using thousands of taxpayer’s dollars for his security detail. He was also booed at the latest debate while getting extremely personal with Romney, accusing him of having a “sanctuary mansion.” What a meanie.


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