Isolationism at its Finest

A quick update on the new Kyoto Protocol successor plans. More than 190 nations are currently meeting in Bali to determine global measures for fighting climate change. But the United States, once again, refuses to take part in the new pact, reminiscent of Bush’s rejection of the 2001 Kyoto Protocol. With Australia’s recent adoption of the plans, the US is the only developed nation not participating.

“We respect the decision that other countries have made and we would, of course, ask them to respect the decision we have made,” said US Delegation Leader Harlan Watson.

According to Watson, this doesn’t mean that the US will ignore the problems of global warming, but will rather make changes on their own. Not cooperating with other countries on a major global problem–sound familiar? This is a big disappointment for the combating of global warming and only affirms America’s inability to work with other countries.

U.S. says seeks new climate deal, rejects Kyoto – [Environmental News Network]


2 Responses

  1. jesus heratio christ. when will they get with it???

  2. When Manhattan is under water?

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