Put Simply, Obama = Rubber Hillary = Glue: Obama Launches “Hillary Attacks” Site

To attack or to not attack has often been the question for presidential hopefuls campaigning in Iowa. While the immediate benefits of saying bad things about your opponents may be apparent, many potential caucus-goers, especially those in the great Midwest, are actually turned off by negative politics. That’s why Obama’s newest website, Hillary Attacks, is genius. Instead of ignoring the attacks or responding with equally dirty politics, Obama is using Hillary’s very attacks against her in a way that emphasizes how negative and desperate she seems (one attack was against a paper Obama wrote in kindergarten!) while simultaneously contrasting himself from her as a candidate of positive change. If this strategy works, Hillary will be forced to stop her mudslinging, because the only person she will be hurting is herself.

Hillary Attacks – [BarackObama.com]


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