How Will We Go to War Now!?

Remember how the U.S. government has been basically tripping over itself to tell the world that Iran was going to go nuclear, they were a dire threat to the world, and we were all going to die if we didn’t stop them? Well, we may have made an oopsie. According to recent intelligence reports,  Iran’s nuclear program has remained frozen since 2003.  The gravity of this situation cannot be understated.  The Bush Administration had been using this issue as the forefront of its foreign policy and would have likely used it to preach as to why we should vote for a Republican candidate. Oh, and not to mention we won’t be blowing up or going to war with Iran anytime soon, but that’s just a minor detail. However, this does not mean that Iran will never or could never produce nukes, they just likely aren’t in the process of doing so.

U.S. Says Iran Ended Atomic Arms Work – [The New York Times]


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  1. Does this mean no World War III?

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