World War III Still on!!

Even though a new United States intelligence report has stated that Iran stopped their nuclear weapon program in 2003 because of increasing international pressure, George W. Bush says, “Nothing’s changed.”

I guess he still thinks World War III is on the agenda.

A sharp rebuke of the Bush administration policy, the NIE report shows that Iran indeed, as stated by the countries leaders, are not developing weapons of mass destruction. In the past, the National Intelligence Estimate has stated that invading Iraq is the reason terrorist organizations began to flourish there. It also shows again that the stories of WMDs are just that, stories.

This shows that once again the fear mongering and war mongering of this administration and those who support it are false and have no basis. It is my opinion that the U.S. Congress must begin to correct these failures; cut the funding for the Iraq War and begin an immediate and orderly withdrawal so our troops can finally come home, and rebuke any move towards war against Iran.


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