Huckabee Gaining Nationwide

Mike Huckabee’s gains in Iowa are beginning to translate into success nationwide. The former Arkansas governor, shown above running from from those AIDS infested gays, who in 1992 said he wanted to quarantine those afflicted with AIDS and in 1998 stated that the religious community needs to “take back this nation for Christ,” has jumped into a virtual tie with Rudy Giuliani.

In the latest CNN poll, Giuliani polled at 24%, Huckabee at 22%, Mitt Romney at 16%, John McCain at 12%, Fred Thompson at 10%, and Ron Paul at 6%. The two point difference between the top two candidates is within the 5% margin of error. That means Giuliani and Huckabee are in a virtual tie with about 3 weeks until the first votes are cast.

Huckabee is leading in Iowa, and also according to some recent polls is leading in South Carolina, the first southern states to cast ballots for the presidential candidates.

This is coming down to the wire, and could be one of the most contested presidential primary seasons in memory. It should all be quite exciting.


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