How to Embarrass Yourself on an International Level: Musharraf has Shovel, Can’t Stop Digging Hole

Abusing Power for Dummies by Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf (pictured above at the worst presidents ever convention):

  1. Get elected under questionable circumstances that draw international scrutiny.
  2. When the Supreme Court attempts to question your election, declare a state of emergency, take control of the country and its military, cancel scheduled elections and arrest the Supreme Court justices who were questioning you (as well as other political opponents).
  3. When the international community demands you stop acting like a dick, put together your own Supreme Court and reschedule elections but refuse to step down as commander of the military.
  4. When international pressure continues, step down from your military position but refuse to give up power.
  5. Finally, lift the state of emergency and restore the Constitution (only after adding your own amendments that specifically state that you can’t be held responsible for your previous actions).

Yep, that’s right.  I mean, 70% of our nation thinks our president is an idiot, but just imagine having this clown!  Who does he think he’s fooling with this?  Does he really think that scribbling in a few of his own amendments in the margins of his country’s Constitution is going to protect him from what he’s done?  Does he think that people are going to stop questioning the validity of his election if he simply replaces the Supreme Court?  All he has done is bring more international attention to how incompetent of a leader he is!  I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried:

Mr. Musharraf said in his executive order restoring the Constitution that any provision made during the last six weeks of emergency rule “shall not be called in question by or before any court.”

A second order revoking the proclamation of emergency states that any future presidential order regarding the issue could also not be challenged in any court. Presidential orders usually lapse after three months unless ratified by Parliament, but if issued under a state of emergency, they automatically become law.

Mr. Musharraf also issued six constitutional amendments late Friday night that strengthen his legal position regarding his re-election and his dismissal of the Supreme Court. Three amendments cleared away restrictions raised by lawyers challenging Mr. Musharraf’s eligibility to run for another term. Another confirmed that the former judges of the Supreme Court could no longer continue in their jobs, and that the newly installed judges would replace them.

Don’t worry, Pakistan isn’t going to take this laying down.  Already, 23 former ambassadors and foreign secretaries have signed a statement calling for Mr. Musharraf to reverse all the steps he has taken since imposing emergency rule.  Also, lawyers in the country are boycotting the courts and refusing to work before judges who took a new oath under the emergency.  Imagine, lawyers holding their President responsible for violating their country’s judicial system!  Keep your eyes on Pakistan over the coming week.  I think things are only going to get worse for Musharraf.

Musharraf Lifts State of Emergency in Pakistan – [New York Times]


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