America Finally Gives In!

Finally, the climate change talks in Bali have come to a consensus. The US had been stubbornly disagreeing that developed, richer nations should do more to help the developing countries with fighting global warming. It took an emotional day of yelling and booing amidst speeches until the US gave into the plan. Really, America? You can’t agree that developing countries would need more powerful countries to help bear the burden in this for awhile?

This plan, which now includes nearly 200 countries,  is a so-called “roadmap” for two years of discussion to create a successor to the Kyoto Treaty, which expires in 2012. The new pact will include additional nations and will be formally created in a 2009 meeting in Copenhagen.

Thank you, United States, you largest greenhouse gas emitting country, for finally understanding your responsibility to join with other countries to fight climate change. Let’s hope this sense of global accountability sticks around awhile.

Bali breakthrough launches historic climate talks – [Environmental News Network]

UN sets terms for climate talks – [BBC News]


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