How Hard is it to Keep Straight?

Apparently newscasters, especially on CNN, still have difficulty with Barack Obama’s name. Yes, we know it’s “foreign,” but let’s work on keeping our major (and radically different) political figures straight.

Both Glenn Beck and Alina Cho, broadcasters at CNN, recently called the presidential candidate Osama

“Unfortunate name,” Mr. Beck remarked.

Mitt Romney is also known for making the same mistake twice in campaign speeches.

Everyone together now: BAA-ROCK OH-BAH-MA.

CNNs Obama/Osama Habit – [New York Times]


One Response

  1. Glenn Beck is also the same mother fucker who said Romney’s faith shouldn’t matter despite having at one time called for a muslim Senator to prove that he isn’t a terrorist.

    You can bet any “slip-up” on his part is absolutely intentional. Still, it’s very complimentary if that’s the worse they can say about him.

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