Adios, Tancredo

And so begins the gradual weeding out of presidential candidates…

Republican candidate Tom Tancredo (shown above, absolutely enthralling his audience) dropped out of the race today after having recent poll percentages of only 1-3 %. Tancredo’s main focus throughout the race was tightening laws on illegal immigration, and he says that his goal to put the issue in the national spotlight was achieved.

Tancredo went on to endorse Mitt Romney for the presidency, saying that he agrees with Romney’s positions on national security and immigration.

Bummer, Tom. At least he knew what he was getting into, saying from the beginning that he had “incredibly long odds.”

Opponent of illegal immigration ends White House bid – [CNN]


3 Responses

  1. I’ve posted this at more than just this blog, but I definitely do not work for Romney’s campaign. I want some conservatives, who I feel haven’t given Mitt a fair shake thus far, to seriously reconsider their positions. Romney is clearly now the anti-illegal immigration candidate. What candidate can win the support of ALL conservatives…fiscal, defense, AND social? Mitt’s the man!

  2. Mitt’s the man! Bomb Iran! all together now!
    and he comes off as a complete asshole to boot!

  3. Hahaha. Mitt’s the man? This guy clearly doesn’t read this blog. As for Tom Tancredo, maybe now he can get back to focusing on more important things, like making ridiculous statements like suggesting that we should bomb Mecca.

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