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More Like Environmental NOT-Protection Agency, Am I Right?

                                                                             photo by Malingering

Clever title huh? You know something is screwy when a REPUBLICAN governor wants to sue the EPA because they won’t let him have stricter laws on emissions. However, that’s exactly what is happening as California Governor Arnold Scwarzenegger has sworn to sue the EPA for refusing the Sunshine State’s request for a waiver to allow it cut emissions more quickly than the recent federal energy bill has provided for. The Terminator put it nicely when he said:

It’s another example of the administration’s failure to treat global warming with the seriousness that it actually demands.

Furthermore, he explains he devoteness to this issue by stating:

Anything less than aggressive action on the greatest environmental threat of all time is inexcusable.

California is not alone in their defiance as 16 other state’s had planned on going above and beyond the energy bill’s requirements. This includes another Republican, Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas, who spoke today on NPR on the issue, the recording of which can be heard here. However, I would imagine going above and beyond environmental requirements be good for the environment and bad for big oil right? Which just makes too much damned sense to be allowed apparently. If California can win its suit, it would be monumental for environmental policy as states would no longer have to wait around for a stubborn and ignorant administration to deal with this.

Schwarzenegger: California will sue federal government – [CNN]

Vermont Governor: EPA Emissions Ruling Misguided – [NPR]


2 Responses

  1. I’m just wondering what Arne means be ‘aggressive action’, is it tie yourself to a tree? Blow up a dam, or motorway? Stop driving your Hummer? Stop going to Wallmart? Turn off the TV? Stop having children?

  2. Travel from the future to save Sarah Connor?

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