A Desperate Hag in Sheep’s Clothing: Hillary has Others do her Dirty Work


Realizing that her dirty politics are getting her nowhere, and her constant repetition of her “experience” has put her in second-place in Iowa, Hillary has changed her message.  Her latest helicopter tour of Iowa is focusing on showing her softer side and her focus on bringing change (who does that sound like she’s copying?).  However, the Boston Globe is running a great story showing that Hillary is playing just as dirty as ever, only now, she has other people doing it for her.

The latest examples: A major union backing Clinton is mailing fliers in Iowa that attack Obama’s healthcare plan, but never mention Clinton’s name. It quotes John Edwards instead, prompting his campaign to cry foul yesterday. “There have been a lot of misleading tactics and tricks in the last few weeks, but we’ve just never seen anything like this before,” Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, Iowa director for Edwards, said in a statement.

Making it look like one of your opponents is attacking the other?  That’s a new kind of dirty.  At least before, Hillary would stand behind her attacks.  This just shows that she knows she is wrong, but is doing it anyway.  Only 12 more days until the Iowa caucuses.  Keep those knives sharp.

In Clinton effort, jabs left to surrogates – [Boston Globe]


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