This Is Why We Need Universal Health Care

Seventeen year old Nataline Sarkisyan died this week after her health care provider denied to cover a potentially life-saving liver transplant. Doctors at UCLA decided that Nataline needed a liver transplant to survive but CIGNA denied payment stating that they do not cover “experimental, investigational, or unproven services” and that there was a lack of medical evidence that the procedure would actually work despite UCLA doctors claiming a success rate of 65 percent. I think we can more accurately restate CIGNA’s reasoning as “We do not want to pay for Nataline’s liver transplant and care resulting from it, so we will allow her to die.” After around 150 medical staff and friends of Nataline protested outside of CIGNA’s offices, they did reverse their decision, however it was too late. With universal health care we will no longer have to wait for insurance providers to approve life saving medical procedures and I wouldn’t be writing about Nataline now. Nataline’s family are planning to sue CIGNA and are considering asking the district attorney to charge CIGNA for manslaughter or murder.

Transplant Decision Too Late, Teen Dies – [CBS News]


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  1. This is a terrible story. There are a lot of things that happen in this world that I don’t agree with. However, I can understand why people would do them. I can understand why people would be in favor of the war if they were misinformed and afraid for their own security. However, this is the face of pure evil. This just shows that there are people in the world who will let others die so that can make $1.2 billion instead of $1.1 billion. Pure evil man, pure evil.

  2. i’ve heard something like 18,000 people die a year from not having health insurance, this isn’t an isolated incident.

  3. This girl HAD health insurance. It still isn’t an isolated incident, but the more coverage this gets, the better. People need to understand what monters are in charge of their health.

  4. Scott (or other interested blog authors), I don’t know if you remember reading it on my blog or not, but earlier this year when I had a possible urinary tract infection, the prescription that the doctor gave me was going to cost $123 dollars because my insurance company didn’t cover that brand of drugs. So I had to call them and they had to replace the drug with a similar (read: not the same) drug, and that one was only $8. I don’t think companies should impact whether I get the right medicine or not. I’m almost sure it was the fact that my insurance just didn’t do business with the company who distributed the drug. I don’t think anything thats prescription and necessary should be over $20, insured or not.

  5. Only John Edwards is proposing a plan that will cover us all. Obama’s plan does not. Finally, neither Obama or Clinton have even commented on Nataline’s sad story. Edwards was outraged.

    If you want true reform in America, vote for a fighter. JOHN EDWARDS.

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