Reporting from Iowa: Republicans Switch for Obama

I am actually writing this from the town the Des Moines Register article mentions, Grundy Center, Iowa, a town of 2,531 who has seen 13 presidential campaign visits for the ’08 election. The part of the article that caught my eye however, were the quotes from Republican residents saying they would vote for Obama. Consdier Grundy Center resident Shelly Westerman who voted for Bush in 2004, but will vote for Obama after hearing him speak in Grundy.

“He seems real genuine and sincere. He’s a very gentle person. I’ve got a friend who saw him and is doing the same thing.”

Consider another quote from the Register article:

Slug Kosterboer, 81, looked up over his newspaper at the barbershop and simply said he was “fed up.” The war and the economy had him down, and he was now willing to listen to a Democrat.

This is one of my main reasons for supporting Obama; he is Democratic candidate most likely (certainly not Hillary) to get moderates and Republicans to consider switching sides. I am fed up with partisan bickering, we need a president who will be able to unite the country, not  further divide it, we need Barack Obama.

A can’t miss exit emerges in race: Grundy Center – [Des Moines Register]


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