Top Secret Clearance: No First Ladies Allowed

No matter what you think about Hillary Clinton’s amount of experience, this is a good read to understand exactly what she was doing as First Lady for 8 years. The basic gist of the story is that although Hillary was aware of and around for many of her husband’s major policy decisions, she did not have the clearance nor the ability to get personally involved in many situations.

Being First Lady gave her more opportunities than rights. Opportunities to travel and gain knowledge in international relations; to meet leaders and speak to large groups. However, her lack of security clearance kept her distanced from the main duties of the president.

“She did not wrestle directly with many of the other challenges the next president will face, including managing a large-scale deployment — or withdrawal — of troops abroad, an overhaul of the intelligence agencies or the effort to halt the spread of nuclear weapons technology.”

Obama has called Hillary out on her expressed experience, saying being in the White House doesn’t put her in a different league. What’s the consensus–does osmosis of information while First Lady equate to being a better president?

The Resume Factor: Those 8 Years as First Lady – [New York Times]

Also, see Clinton Fights Back on Experience Front for more news on how Hillary is reacting to the foreign policy experience debate with Barack Obama.


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