Civic Alert Presents: The Iowa Live Blog


Giving you live up to the minute coverage on the Iowa caucuses, Civic Alert proudly presents the first live blog.

Scott (7:55:36 PM): Alright everyone
Scott (7:55:43 PM): Welcome to the Civic Alert live blog
Scott (7:55:47 PM): we’re starting a few minutes late
Scott (7:55:55 PM): and the caucus has been underway for about an hour
Amy (7:56:02 PM): The results are coming in quickly though
Scott (7:56:15 PM): So far things have been closer on the Dem. side than anyone could have predicted
Scott (7:56:34 PM): So we’re going to be giving you up to the minute updates all night
Amy (7:56:49 PM): CNN is now projecting that Mike Huckabee will win the Iowa caucuses
Scott (7:56:55 PM): based on number coming in and entrance polls
Scott (7:57:03 PM): not a big surprise, but so early in the night, this is big news
Scott (7:57:33 PM): Huckabee getting a big win over Romney will really help McCain next week in New Hampshire by weakening Romney
Amy (7:59:09 PM): Obama is now at 33 percent, with 33 percent of the polls in so far
Amy (7:59:16 PM): he just moved into the lead

Scott (7:59:26 PM): with Edwards and Clinton both at 32 %
Amy (8:00:15 PM): Republicans are at 15 percent of polls and huckabee has 36 percent, followed by romney at 23 percent
Scott (8:00:22 PM): CNN is emphasizing how big of a win this is for Huckabee to have it called so early
Scott (8:00:28 PM): Now it’s a race for third
Scott (8:00:38 PM): McCain beating out Thompson for 3rd would be huge
Scott (8:01:29 PM): at least, for McCain
Scott (8:02:14 PM): with 37% of precincts reporting, Obama is still in the lead at 33% with Clinton and Edwards both at 32%
Scott (8:04:17 PM): A lot of talk about how big of a win this is for Huckabee
Scott (8:04:22 PM): but really, is this any surprise?
Scott (8:05:02 PM): although, remember, this is just CNN’s projection that he will win
Amy (8:05:03 PM): Also, a blow for Romney who spent much more money in Iowa than Huckabee
Scott (8:05:30 PM): With 35% reporting in for Republicans, McCain is also catching up to Fred Thompson
Scott (8:05:39 PM): with McCain at 12% and Thompson at 14%
Scott (8:05:52 PM): which is surprising for McCain, who barely campaigned in Iowa
Amy (8:06:04 PM): 25 percent of precincts for Republicans, that is
Scott (8:06:16 PM): sorry, 25% reporting in for Republicans with 35% for Huckabee
Amy (8:07:02 PM): Evangelical Christians turned out with twice the numbers as the last election
Amy (8:07:36 PM): This gave Huckabee the push he needed to get past Romney and Guiliani
Scott (8:07:43 PM): God is definitely on his side
Scott (8:08:03 PM): let’s see how those godless bastards in New Hampshire respond

Scott (8:09:42 PM): Watching CSPAN, it’s really clear how much a clusterfuck it is at Democratic caucuses
Scott (8:10:02 PM): it’s a madhouse of people crammed into living rooms and cafeterias
Scott (8:10:25 PM): trying to convince others to come into their “circles”
Scott (8:10:29 PM): so backwards…
Scott (8:10:32 PM): this isn’t how it should be done
Amy (8:10:44 PM): Whereas the Republicans just show up and write their decision on a slip of paper
Scott (8:10:44 PM): ballot style
Scott (8:10:49 PM): no peer pressure
Amy (8:11:03 PM): Why have the evolved and the democrats haven’t?
Scott (8:11:12 PM): they’re more anti-social?
Scott (8:12:20 PM): With 53% reporting in, Obama is at 34%, Edwards is at 32% and Clinton is at 31%
(8:12:24 PM): still too close to call
(8:12:58 PM): Huckabee is now at 31%
Scott (8:13:12 PM): small slip, he’s still way in the lead though
Scott (8:13:16 PM): especially compared to the democrats
Amy (8:13:33 PM): followed by 23% for Romney
Amy (8:14:39 PM): They’re saying that the voters who find religion extremely important leaned drastically for Huckabee
Amy (8:15:54 PM): Romney’s Mormonism may have been the problem for these evangelical voters
Scott (8:16:10 PM): Well, while NH doesn’t have a strong evangelical base
Scott (8:16:13 PM): South Carolina DOES
Scott (8:16:24 PM): so maybe Huckabee will go straight there after winning tonight
Scott (8:17:24 PM): With 57% reporting in, Obama is at 35%, Edwards at 31% and Clinton at 31%
Amy (8:17:38 PM): 41% of polls for the Republicans
Amy (8:17:44 PM): Huckabee still with 31%
Amy (8:17:48 PM): Romney at 23%
Scott (8:18:53 PM): Howard Dean is now on TV telling Republicans to suck it
Scott (8:19:02 PM): I’m waiting for the Dean Scream
Amy (8:19:29 PM): He looks like he’s spent awhile in the tropics
Amy (8:19:35 PM): nice and tan

Scott (8:21:26 PM): 66% on Dem side had reported in, Obama still has 45%
Scott (8:21:32 PM): curt is joining us now
Curt (8:21:39 PM): Hello all
Scott (8:21:39 PM): err
Scott (8:21:45 PM): sorry, Obama has 35%
Scott (8:21:46 PM): my bad
Curt (8:21:52 PM): i got really pumped there for a second
Curt (8:21:57 PM): 10 more percent!!?!!1!
Scott (8:21:59 PM): yeah, me too
Scott (8:22:02 PM): sorry
Scott (8:22:19 PM): they just said that where Hillary is leading is in the most conservative part of Iowan
Scott (8:22:26 PM): probably because they know she’d lose the election
Amy (8:22:26 PM): Edwards is showing strength in southern Iowa
Scott (8:22:34 PM): probably because it’s closer to his home
Scott (8:22:36 PM): in the south
Scott (8:22:40 PM): if you know what I’m saying
Amy (8:22:47 PM): Obama is leading in most of the counties
Scott (8:22:58 PM): McCain is in NH right now?
Scott (8:23:00 PM): weird
Scott (8:23:01 PM): what a badass
Scott (8:23:07 PM): not even in Iowa on the night of the caucus
Curt (8:23:07 PM): yeah..and rudy is nowhere to be seen
Curt (8:23:10 PM): he is in florida
Scott (8:23:15 PM): having an affair?
Curt (8:23:22 PM): most likely
Scott (8:23:54 PM): speaking of which
Scott (8:24:05 PM): even though McCain didn’t campaign heavily in Iowa
Amy (8:24:16 PM): Democrats: 69 percent of precincts in now
Scott (8:24:21 PM): he’s in 4th place at 12% to Thompson’s 13%
Curt (8:24:24 PM): awww yeah
Scott (8:24:36 PM): McCain is making the comeback of the year here
Scott (8:24:38 PM): seriously
Curt (8:24:49 PM): Yeah, I could see him getting the nomination
Amy (8:24:56 PM): New Hampshire will be key
Amy (8:25:08 PM): Especially with a Huckabee Iowa win
Curt (8:25:09 PM): It would be no surprise if he won it
Scott (8:25:14 PM): not at all
Scott (8:25:54 PM): THIS JUST IN
Scott (8:25:59 PM): Hunter? Still 0%
Curt (8:26:20 PM): damn son
Curt (8:26:28 PM): looks my allowance money was put on the wrong man
Amy (8:27:01 PM): THIS JUST IN: Scott is going to the bathroom
Curt (8:27:08 PM): I really have to pee too
Curt (8:27:16 PM): I got starbucks earlier
Amy (8:27:21 PM): uh oh.

Amy (8:27:47 PM): Democratic polls are at 73%
Amy (8:27:52 PM): still the same percentages
Curt (8:28:07 PM): where is that at?
Curt (8:28:15 PM): i see 66% from the des moines register
Amy (8:28:19 PM): THIS JUST IN: Obama will win, according to CNN projections!
Curt (8:28:27 PM): I am going to cry
Amy (8:29:10 PM): This is still with Obama at 35%
Amy (8:29:16 PM): but CNN believes he will be the winner
Curt (8:30:12 PM): i have been wearing my shirt all day
Curt (8:30:18 PM): my boss eventually told me i had to change
Amy (8:30:23 PM): haha
Amy (8:30:27 PM): this is a killer for Hillary
Curt (8:30:44 PM): I wonder how much effect Kucinich had on all of this?
Amy (8:30:50 PM): and Richardson
Curt (8:30:53 PM): i have to think at least a couple percentage points
Curt (8:31:03 PM): with his pseudo endorsement of obama
Curt (8:31:09 PM): is Scott pooping?
Amy (8:31:11 PM): yes.
Scott (8:31:14 PM): just got back
Scott (8:31:16 PM):
Scott (8:31:29 PM): Looks like both Iowa and I are getting rid of our shit
Amy (8:32:16 PM): Obama is up to 36%
Amy (8:32:20 PM): with 77% of results
Curt (8:32:23 PM): if I learned anything from zefrank…since i had starbucks i will be getting rid of some too
Scott (8:32:26 PM): in a state that is 95% white
Curt (8:32:54 PM): so much for people being afraid to vote for an african-american
Amy (8:33:18 PM): especially in iowa! if he can win there, he can take plenty of other states too.
Scott (8:33:36 PM): well, a win in NH could really help
Scott (8:33:53 PM): Clinton wins in NH and it could still be anyone’s game
Scott (8:34:11 PM): although, it’s worth noting, that he hasn’t taken Iowa yet
Curt (8:34:12 PM): Yeah, it will be hard to beat her there
Scott (8:34:23 PM): hopefully this win in Iowa will help
Amy (8:35:39 PM): 65% of Republican results in right now
Curt (8:35:44 PM): 78% of Democratic precincts, Obama 36%, Edwards 31%, Clinton 30%
Curt (8:36:34 PM): 65% of Republican’s have reported in: Huckabee 34%, Romney 25%, Thompson 14%, McCain 13%, and Paul 10%
Curt (8:36:54 PM): Rudy, wherever you are at the back of the pack with a measly 4%
Amy (8:38:02 PM): wow, Ron Paul getting ahead of Rudy!
Scott (8:38:07 PM): way to go
Scott (8:38:20 PM): even though we all know he has no chance in hell at getting the GOP nomination
Curt (8:38:51 PM): Yes of course
Amy (8:39:05 PM): Obama is up to 37% with 82% results in
Curt (8:39:06 PM): I could see him taking 5-10% nationally if he goes independent
Scott (8:40:11 PM): among 12-24 year old voters
Scott (8:40:14 PM): ha
Scott (8:40:16 PM): excuse me
Scott (8:40:20 PM): 18-24 year old voters
Scott (8:40:26 PM): Clinton isn’t even in the top 3
Curt (8:40:36 PM): and users
Scott (8:40:41 PM): Obama has 41% of independent vote
Scott (8:40:48 PM): which is over 40% of NH
Amy (8:45:12 PM): Hillary takes 3rd place among independent voters
Amy (8:45:48 PM): things are getting closer to being done, with 86% of polls in for the democrats
Amy (8:46:03 PM): up to 67% of precincts for the republicans
Amy (8:46:49 PM): Guliani is now trying to say that Iowa doesn’t mean anything
Amy (8:47:01 PM): because he has 4%…ouch.
Curt (8:47:32 PM): Although, Giuliani hasn’t campaigned in Iowa at all..he has always been in that mindset
Amy (8:47:40 PM): By paying attention to other states, Rudy thinks his strategy will end up paying off
Curt (8:47:55 PM): He isn’t doing that bad nationally
Scott (8:47:59 PM): exactly
Curt (8:48:03 PM): but, i try not to pay attention to polls
Scott (8:48:17 PM): we’ll see if any candidates get surges from winning the early states
Scott (8:48:30 PM): which will help propel them past Giuliani nationally
Curt (8:50:24 PM): I’m surprised Romney didn’t do better

Scott (8:50:25 PM): things are calming down a little, so let’s talk about what this means for the future if the results ending up the way they’re looking now
Curt (850:50 PM): I have a friend who is a Romney volunteer and he was telling me about the massive campaign team they had down there
Scott 8:51:02 PM): ouch
Scott(8:51:05 PM): that can’t feel great right now
Scott (8:51:14 PM): Romney is a DISTANT second
Curt (8:51:17 PM): I mean, a precinct captain in every single precinct
Curt (8:51:22 PM): Huckabee had like…a handful
Curt (8:51:23 PM): no lie
Amy (8:51:30 PM): i’m curious about how close clinton and edwards are
Scott (8:51:43 PM): this opens the door for McCain to gain a little strength in NH against Romney
Scott (8:51:54 PM): it’ll be hard for Romney to lose both early states
Curt (8:54:13 PM): If Edwards could win an early state, he’s right back in it. It wouldn’t be surprising at all to see him get the nomination
Curt (8:54:20 PM): even though all the focus has been on Obama and Clinton
Scott (8:54:39 PM): yeah, that’d be nice if Hillary got 3rd
Amy (8:55:07 PM): both obama and clinton would probably much rather run against edwards instead of each other
Scott (8:55:52 PM): I don’t know, both Edwards and Obama cancel each other out a little
Scott (8:56:13 PM): make no mistake, Obama or Edwards would be doing FAR better against Hillary if the other one wasn’t there
Curt (8:56:58 PM): Yeah I agree, I think Edwards takes more heat away from Obama than Hillary does
Curt (8:57:07 PM): Obama and Hillary seem to attract different groups
Curt (8:57:19 PM): whereas there are a lot of people who like both Edwards and Obama
Curt (8:57:26 PM): For example, me
Scott (8:57:47 PM): exactly both Edwards and Obama are the change candidates
Scott (8:58:03 PM): they’re splitting the vote of people who don’t want “just another Clinton”
Scott (8:58:12 PM): I think Obama would be running away with this if it wasn’t for Edwards
Scott (8:58:14 PM): and vice versa
Curt (8:58:14 PM): precisely

Amy (8:59:31 PM): latest numbers: 92% of democratic precincts in
Amy (8:59:43 PM): still 37% obama, and 30% for both clinton and edwards
Amy (8:59:55 PM): 72% of republican precincts
Amy (9:00:16 PM): 34% for huckabee, 25% romney, 14% for thompson, 13% mccain
Curt (9:00:20 PM): Edwards ahead by 9 precincts mind you
Amy (9:00:39 PM): obama won all 5 of the biggest counties
Amy (9:00:43 PM): he won in des moines
Scott (9:02:32 PM): I used to live there
Amy (9:02:36 PM): yay.
Scott (9:02:58 PM): CNN is trying some black magic special effects right now
Scott (9:03:02 PM): looks like shit
Curt (9:03:55 PM): Huckabee cleaned up in Polk County, the largest, by a margin of 13%
Scott (9:04:19 PM): good thing the caucus wasn’t on Sunday morning for him
Amy (9:04:29 PM): even among women in these caucuses, obama beat clinton
Scott (9:04:36 PM): I can see why
Curt (9:04:37 PM): He wouldn’t have known until after services
Scott (9:04:38 PM): he’s so handsome
Amy (9:04:38 PM): this is her target audience. what now?
Curt (9:04:49 PM): Now she gets dirtier?
Scott (9:04:54 PM): ugh
Scott (9:04:56 PM): bad mental image
Curt (9:05:01 PM): Barack HUSSEIN Obama? what does that mean!!?!?!11
Scott (9:05:09 PM): ha, I know
Scott (9:05:11 PM): they love his name
Curt (9:05:24 PM): What a joke
Scott (9:05:26 PM): Obama is a terrorist: confirmed
Curt (9:05:35 PM): or even better “I don’t want a muslim president”
Curt (9:05:39 PM): Give me a break
Curt (9:07:30 PM): “To project primaries and caucuses, CNN and its election experts use scientific statistical procedures to make estimates of the final vote count in each race.”
Curt (9:07:32 PM): “CNN will broadcast a projected winner only after an extensive review of data from a number of sources.”
Curt (9:08:07 PM): Basically…they call it when they don’t have to worry about covering their asses
Scott (9:08:13 PM): ha
Scott (9:08:15 PM): exactly
Scott (9:08:25 PM): barely “predicting”
Amy (9:08:52 PM): there are 2,054,843 registered voters in iowa
Amy (9:09:10 PM): over 200,000 Democrats came out to the caucuses tonight
Curt (9:09:20 PM): so 10%
Amy (9:09:24 PM): still a sad percentage
Scott (9:09:26 PM): hooray..
Curt (9:09:29 PM): I had heard 5%
Curt (9:09:32 PM): were going to come out
Scott (9:09:44 PM): well, I guess the weather wasn’t too bad
Scott (9:09:50 PM): and nobody cared about Kansas in the orange bowl
Curt (9:10:21 PM): they’re up 17-7 at half time
Curt (9:10:23 PM): thanks for reminding me
Amy (9:13:52 PM): edwards is going to talk now
Scott (9:14:22 PM): he’s pretty happy with 2nd
Scott (9:14:38 PM): they just introduced him as the “next president of the united states”
Scott (9:14:48 PM): cute
Curt (9:14:51 PM): waaa waaa
Scott (9:14:57 PM): his intro lady did
Amy (9:15:04 PM): that is, his wife
Curt (9:15:08 PM): haha
Scott (9:15:11 PM): must be the cancer talking
Curt (9:15:20 PM): then did she pull a borat “nnnaaaahhht”
Scott (9:16:01 PM): Well, listening to Edwards, you’d think he won
Curt (9:16:24 PM): Even though he just lost a state that he has been campaigning in for like 40 years
Scott (9:16:38 PM): He’s bringing up that girl you posted about the other day
Scott (9:16:41 PM): the health care story
Curt (9:16:45 PM): Nataline
Scott (9:16:51 PM): yeah
Curt (9:17:14 PM): I mean, Edwards should have cleaned up in Iowa as much time as he has spent there
Curt (9:17:29 PM): He has been there since 99-00
Scott (9:17:37 PM): he was too negative lately
Scott (9:17:41 PM): Obama stole his thunder
Curt (9:17:45 PM): Yeah, he changed his focus
Curt (9:17:51 PM): HOPE
Curt (9:17:58 PM): fired up, and ready to go!
Scott (9:19:45 PM): Edwards’ speech is actually pretty good
Curt (9:21:57 PM): that is one of Obama’s more embarrassing slogans Right now Obama has 14 delegates and Clinton has 13
Curt (9:22:10 PM): So that 7% doesn’t mean as much as it would just looking at the numbers, however, the momentum is what really counts here
Curt (9:22:19 PM): But, people will read the papers tomorrow and see that she got third..and that is what matters
Amy (9:22:22 PM): edwards is really getting fired up here…nice speech actually
Amy (9:23:05 PM): with 95% of precincts, obama is now at 38%
Amy (9:23:18 PM): and clinton down to 29%
Amy (9:23:26 PM): edwards stays steady at 30%
Scott (9:23:27 PM): Happy face emoticon
Scott (9:25:00 PM): McCain just pulled into 3rd
Scott (9:25:04 PM): with 78% reporting in

Curt (9:25:14 PM): alright…well i have to go work now
Scott (9:25:19 PM): ha
Scott (9:25:30 PM): sounds good, we’ll wrap this up
Amy (9:25:34 PM): this should be our job…someone should sponsor us
Curt (9:25:34 PM): if you guys are still on in hour and a half haha
Curt (9:25:39 PM): no shit
Amy (9:25:59 PM): clinton is heading on to talk
Scott (9:26:03 PM): spin alert
Curt (9:26:06 PM): The Civic Alert Iowa Caucus Live Blog brought to you by Coca-Cola
Amy (9:26:09 PM): haha
Curt (9:26:15 PM): what’s their slogan?
Scott (9:26:17 PM): I’d be down if they gave us free soda
Curt (9:26:20 PM): out
Scott (9:26:22 PM): “ready for change!”
Curt (9:26:40 PM): nvm
Curt (9:26:46 PM): we are waiting for some punks to get out of here
Curt (9:27:14 PM): Whenever I think of Hillary I think of that song that goes “I’m a bitch” from the 90’s
Scott (9:27:34 PM): that should be her theme song
Curt (9:27:41 PM): play at all her rallies
Scott (9:27:42 PM): there are a LOT of old people around Hillary right now
Curt (9:27:52 PM): Her peers?
Curt (9:27:54 PM): OH SNAP
Scott (9:27:55 PM): a lot of white hair
Scott (9:28:01 PM): and dyed hair
Scott (9:28:04 PM): nothing natural
Scott (9:28:19 PM): Bill is definitely spacing out behind her
Scott (9:28:22 PM): he’s not listening
Amy (9:28:38 PM): he just read the “applause” sign in front of him and started clapping
Curt (9:28:46 PM): he is just glad he doesnt have to wear womens clothes as the first lady
Amy (9:28:55 PM): or does he…
Curt (9:29:15 PM): no..he doesnt..bc hillary will lose
Scott (9:29:21 PM): damn straight
Curt (9:29:41 PM): mmk im out for real now
Curt (9:29:43 PM): catchyall later
Scott (9:29:51 PM): she’s saying that they always planned to run a national campaign
Scott (9:29:58 PM): but then why did she dump so much time and money into Iowa?
Amy (9:31:20 PM): getting close here…96% of democratic precincts
Curt (9:33:29 PM): this just in from my friend in Iowa..people are “bawling their eyes out” at the Romney rally in Iowa
Scott (9:33:41 PM): babies
Scott (9:33:55 PM): jk kids, I’d be bawling if Obama lost
Curt (9:33:58 PM): me too
Scott (9:34:44 PM): Hillary is kind of a boring speaker
Scott (9:34:53 PM): she’s definitely not feeling too good right now
Scott (9:35:01 PM): her voice is betraying her
Amy (9:36:03 PM): the end of hillary’s speech…nothing too remarkable there
Amy (9:36:09 PM): still waiting on obama’s speech

Amy (9:36:46 PM): cnn has just reported that chris dodd will drop out of the presidential race
Amy (9:36:55 PM): after moving his entire family to iowa, he will no longer be running
Scott (9:37:04 PM): that has to be a blow
Scott (9:37:13 PM): but seriously, could he have expected better?
Amy (9:38:11 PM): huckabee is ready to talk, with chuck norris by his side
Scott (9:38:47 PM): I’ve never seen Chuck Norris smile like that
Scott (9:39:43 PM): Huckabee is giving the feel good speech of the year right now
Amy (9:39:53 PM): i really like his voice. just that makes me feel good.
Scott (9:39:54 PM): I feel like I have sunshine inside of me right now
Curt (9:55:18 PM): thats why i want romney to win, he is an asshole..and everyone can see that
Scott (9:57:15 PM): McCain just fell to 4th
Scott (9:57:24 PM): Giulliani is 2nd to last
Scott (9:57:29 PM): with only Hunter behind him
Amy (9:57:43 PM): democrat percentages are still the same at 97%
Amy (9:59:14 PM): obama only had 18% of voters 65 and older
Amy (9:59:27 PM): but 57% of 18-24 year olds
Scott (9:59:37 PM): 35% of women went for Obama
Scott (9:59:45 PM): only 30% of women to Clinton
Amy (9:59:53 PM): she took the older women
Amy (10:00:00 PM): while obama got both middle aged and young women
Scott (10:00:19 PM): only 4% of voters were black tonight

Scott (10:04:42 PM): here comes Barack for his victory speech!
Scott (10:19:14 PM): “You didn’t do this for me, you did this for the most American of ideas, that in the face of impossible odds, people who love this country can change it.”
Amy (10:19:31 PM): joe biden will drop out of the race
Scott (10:19:34 PM): aw
Scott (10:19:36 PM): I liked him
Scott (10:20:18 PM): Barack’s speech was really good
Scott (10:20:21 PM): I have goosebumps
Amy (10:20:24 PM): i cried.
Scott (10:20:33 PM): Very inspiring
Scott (10:20:40 PM): only five days until New Hampshire?
Scott (10:21:58 PM): CNN just said that Iowa has never elected an African-American to anything
Amy (10:22:04 PM): well shit. from nothing straight to president. not bad.
Amy (10:24:18 PM): i’m getting my hopes up
Amy (10:24:26 PM): like way up. there’s no going back now.
Scott (10:24:51 PM): I just got back from talking on the phone with curt
Scott (10:25:03 PM): he had a good point about Obama’s speech
Scott (10:25:18 PM): While Hillary’s speech focused on putting a Democrat in the White House
Scott (10:25:30 PM): Obama’s speech focused on the United States of America
Scott (10:25:41 PM): which really sums up why I support him so strongly
Scott (10:26:08 PM): also
Scott (10:26:15 PM): for those watching on television
Amy (10:26:18 PM): exactly…it’s not just about politics with him
Scott (10:26:48 PM): Hillary had the 60+ crowd behind her, Obama had at least 5x the size of crowd of all ages
Amy (10:29:18 PM): cnn loves obama
Amy (10:29:24 PM): they called hillary “emotionless”
Scott (10:29:24 PM): I love Obama
Amy (10:29:27 PM): me too
Scott (10:29:44 PM): alright, let’s wrap this up
Scott (10:30:06 PM): We’ll post an official wrap up when the numbers are finished coming in
Scott (10:30:15 PM): but right now, here are the most recent numbers:
Scott (10:31:21 PM): For the Democrats, with 99% of Precincts reporting in:
Obama has 38%
Edwards has 30%
Clinton has 29%
Richardson has 2%
Biden has 1%
Everyone else has 0%

Amy (10:31:56 PM): For the Republicans, with 85% of precincts reporting:
Huckabee at 34%
Romney at 25%
Thompson at 13%
McCain at 12%
Paul at 10%
Giuliani at 4%
and Hunter at 1%

Scott (10:32:13 PM): we’ll have a final wrap-up post coming soon, so stay tuned for that
Scott (10:32:36 PM): otherwise, thanks for joining us and we’ll see you again in five days when New Hampshire decides

CNN Election Center – [Iowa Primary Results]


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