Best Case Scenarios for New Hampshire

With Obama and Huckabee’s victories in Iowa behind us, the nation now looks to the New Hampshire primaries. Now that we have decided one contest, the second one will either confirm Iowa’s decisions, or create more confusion. So what are the best possible outcomes that each party could have in New Hampshire? Here are my thoughts:

Republicans would be wise to get behind Mike Huckabee. He is already riding the momentum of his Iowa victory and has a sense of humor and personality that most of the other Repubs appear to lack. He could very well win because, like Bush, he seems like “A nice guy to have a beer with,” or prayer, or speaking in tongues session. A Romney or McCain victory would create even more confusion in the party and I don’t feel that either of them could defeat the Democratic challenger. Furthermore, Huckabee has the support of the nation’s many evangelicals (read: the nation’s largest cult), so he already has a solid base that will be sure to back him. Mike Huckabee has to appear as the most intimidating Republican challenger, so his campaign stalling early is key for the Democrats.

Another Obama victory in New Hampshire could mean he distances himself from the rest of the Democratic pack and cruises to the nomination, a situation that would be horrible for Republicans. As the “change” candidate, Obama will be sure to strike a chord with independents, a group that gave him 40% of their vote in Iowa. As the Democratic nominee, he will be tough to beat. A Clinton victory on Tuesday however, is the dream scenario for Republicans as it could generate momentum back to her camp, and using her established name, she could continue on to the nomination. As the Democratic nominee, Clinton would be the easiest of the main three Democratic candidates to beat simply because so many people hate her. Instead of campaigning for America, as the Obama rhetoric reflects, she campaigns for Democrats, a partisan stance that people have grown tired of. Clinton will definitely not get the support of those who are tired of the status-quo, as she is the postergirl for it. So, an Obama victory could mean an amazing next eight years for Democrats, and a Clinton victory could mean confusion at best, and another Republican president at worst.


4 Responses

  1. An Obama victory will bring us an attack on Pakistan and Iran and the deepening of the debt and massive increase in the cost of government and increases in taxation which will hasten the economic collapse.

  2. Yes, because one of the few candidates who actually wants to talk to Iran is certainly going to hastily go in there and attack. For some reason I find your logic faulty.

  3. I think McCain could stand a chance against any Democratic candidate. People know him and people like him. He is a favorite of independents, and even some democrats. Like Huckabee, he seems like a genuinely nice person, and I could see that going over well. The only thing he has against him is his unpopular stance on the war, but I could see Republicans, and maybe even some independents, overlooking that if he received the nomination. He could definitely take Hillary, and give Obama a real challenge.

  4. McCain is a sleeper. His true agenda is still yet to be seen. I think we’ll all be suprised by his wits and determination.

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