I know who I’m dressing up as next Halloween: Rudy says Terror is Scary

Rudy’s new ad is the scariest shit ever. While he doesn’t say “9/11,” I’d almost prefer that he did instead of this racist fear-mongering ad. It makes me wish he actually did get beat by Duncan Hunter last night. Does he seriously think this kind of rampant fear-mongering is going to work? I hope the “ready” he refers to in the ad is “ready” to lose, because ridiculous ads like this aren’t going to fly. Scaring people into supporting you was SO 2002.
EDIT: Upon further watching the ad, I DID catch a quick 9/11 reference after Bin Laden. You just couldn’t help yourself, could you, Rudy?
Rudy’s New TV Ad – [Youtube]

2 Responses

  1. Of course he included 9/11! He even mentioned it after the results of the caucus last night.

    “None of this worries me – Sept. 11, there were times I was worried,” Giuliani said.

    Maybe even he realizes that his campaign isn’t worth enough to get his panties in a bundle about. Way to keep it cool, Rudy.

  2. “a people perverted”
    so horrible

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